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This was the tweet that started it all. Bear in mind she has has half a million followers:-

Jodie Marsh
In fact everyone tweet #getjodieonJonathanRosstoraiseawareness to @wossy please. That should do it x x x I'm begging you x x x
Unless I'm missing something, these are the only things he tweeted about the matter:-

jonathan ross @wossy
@JodieMarsh getting your followers to hound me is exactly the right way to ensure you never get asked on.

jonathan ross
Very strange experience getting harassed and bullied by people wanting to me to help stop bullying. Surreal.
He owes her absolutely nothing; and as per his tweets regarding this, it's pretty ironic that people that want him to stop harassment and bullying are kind of harassing and bullying him. I applaud her for her anti-bullying campaign, but harassing celebrities and getting her followers to do the same isn't the way to go about it.

Bullying campaign aside, she is an attention seeker who will act like a victim when something doesn't go her way and look for others to reassure her and validate her position.

Edit: Just had a look at his mentions. Plenty of idiotic, hateful ones from Jodie's followers Shouldn't they be all about peace and love if they support this bullying campaign?
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