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Well her *career* is dead in the water so anything to get some attention back. No doubt she'll be wailing about Wossy being a *vile jelllus bully* and ranting on about 'hatahs'

She's as predicable as night following day.
I thought her career was getting a resurgence? She's got a couple of TV shows coming out on bullying, along with plenty of press coverage these days. It's a lot more than she was getting three years ago when I thought she really was washed up.

I've got to say that I do think she has a genuine interest in anti-bullying. She was bullied for a long time at school, and again in the press for years when she first became well-known, so she probably does have a concern for it. It draws more attention to her at the same time, admittedly. She's a narcissist but that, I think, comes from her low self-esteem. I think she basically has a good heart.
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