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Mommie Dearest Sibary has been at it again - in supporting the 'right' to smack one's offspring. .Here's her eldest daughter's response.

^*cough* 'reasonable* force' cough*. [Observation: Strangely, LJ tends to leave the general topic of cruelty to children well alone
Shona Sibary and any other person should be banned from pimping their own children for column mileage IMO there needs to be legislation on using a minor's REAL name complete with photos. Sibary sinks lower than Jones in this aspect. At least Jones only bangs on about herself, Nirps (who let's face it was only in it for the publicity), and animals. Thank god she doesn't have children or it'd be all about their designer clothes and taking them to the anorexia clinic -but- she doesn't. And that makes Sibary worse.. simply reprehensible. Why does the Editor not step in? And in the absence of editorial ethics, her husband???
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