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I thought her career was getting a resurgence? She's got a couple of TV shows coming out on bullying, along with plenty of press coverage these days. It's a lot more than she was getting three years ago when I thought she really was washed up.

I've got to say that I do think she has a genuine interest in anti-bullying. She was bullied for a long time at school, and again in the press for years when she first became well-known, so she probably does have a concern for it. It draws more attention to her at the same time, admittedly. She's a narcissist but that, I think, comes from her low self-esteem. I think she basically has a good heart.


The bullying certainly gave her a tagline, but let's not forget that BeatBullying dropped her as an ambassador due to the demonstrably bullying nature of some of her ramblings on her now long defunct website. She does get criticised - but doesn't help herself. As an example, she made some disgusting comments about Michael Barrymore post CBB. Yes, Barrymore was awful to her but she really didn't help herself writing quite libellous statements about the 'swimming pool' incident. If anyone dares to criticise her she bites - really badly - and is just as bad as the people who she accuses of bullying.

That aside, I'm glad that ghastly Mush website seems to have died - now that really went too far.. But I'm in danger of going O/T with that one...
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