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I saw the film last night and I thought that Naomi Watts was brilliant 11/10 for convincing acting. Tom Holland, brilliant too, but Ewan McGregor seemed to be using the same act he did in Moulin Rouge.
The accusation made at the film in that they all survive and fly off back home, is because They Did! That in no way diminishes the story, because it actually happened. And that’s why it’s called The Impossible, because for one French (British in the film) family, the impossible happened – they all survived.
I thought the film was heavy handed in direction and the tsunami scene, well done though it was, was unrealistic. In all of that one main sequence Watt & Holland seem to be the only ones caught up in the surge. And I agree with another poster, the ‘they’re behind you’ sequence near the end was laughable.
A far better ending would have been if their plane had taken off but we saw it from the ground as spectators watching them fly away from the devastation. Then the camera could have rolled back in a very long shot of the land & peoples devastation, with the emphasis that yes, one family made it; 250,000 others didn’t.
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