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Capital needs to invest in content to bring the listeners back. Why would anyone want to listen to Capital if the presenters sound the same and they play the same artists and the same songs on rotation every hour if listeners could just listen to their iPods and hear the music they like.

Capital Breakfast has remained solid in terms of listenership because at least there is something to listen for.

Take, for example, SPIN 1038 in Ireland. The breakfast show has the perfect balance between music and talk and features to keep the show engaging. They have a chart show in the evening which has personality presenters and features and there is a request show in the evening which is based around audience interaction and playing the most music.

Capital need to recognise that it is fine being a hit music station and playing as many songs as they can per hour at off-peak times. e.g. 10am-4pm but variety and SOME content is required to keep the listeners intrigued. It could be as simple as calling a texter back who has an interesting story and making a joke out of it on-air but the format is lame and Capital is lacking substance right now.
Think they did a show which was all about that, Chris Moyles did it years ago on Saturday night. I think it's worth them trying to bring back the 48 hours feature they had on Galaxy, could you imagine the amount of support they'd get from having that? Ministry, Gate Crasher, Maybe Ibiza Live again (but live sets from huge stars who get regular plays on the station.)
Andi Durrant's show proves to be a huge hit with the weekend listeners and it's what the majority of teenagers (their target audience) are into right now.
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