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Just caught up with Vancouver, Oh and I have to say to happydisaster I LOVED your review! It was fab

It was a fairly sober (forgive the pun) start to season 2. Ronnie isnt drinking, Jody, saint that she is, wont drink around Ronnie in some faux show of "unity" and newbie housewife Amanda is actually a recovering alcoholic. Newbie Housewife no 2 Robin doesnt really get the whole alcoholic thing, and as she points out to Amanda she cant be doing with tragic sob stories, just stop drinking. I can see fireworks between these 2 further down the line!

This ep was very much about introducing the new ladies to the remaining housewives from last season. They seem ok so far, cant really say what my thoughts are on them after just the 1 ep, but I do have to wonder, Ioulia, the Russian girl who claims to be 26?! Im sorry, but that girl looks much older than 26, she has a fabulous closet though, and I loved her speeding away in her car after her meeting with Mary lol

So no more Reiko or Christina, which is a shame as I liked them last season, but Jody and her hideous dress sense are still present and correct, watching over proceedings like the wicked Bitch of Vancouver that she is. Seriously does that woman own anything that isnt fur, or made of taffeta?! She seriously needs a stylist. Also back is her odious daughter Mia, complete with new nose. The nose is fine, but really, a lobotomy wouldnt save that girl. Shes awful and I can only hope she isnt around much this season- though I doubt it. Shes as big a famewhore as her mother.

The action really centres around Ronnie and a BBQ she is having to celebrate her daughter Remy, and the doctors and nurses who saved her life. I have to say, I got quite emotional when Remy gave her little speech at the end , shes a sweetheart and Im so pleased shes doing better. I have to echo Marys sentiments, wouldnt it be nice if that lovely little girl could be a lesson to them all and teach them to be nicer people? It wont happen, but its a nice thought.

Ronnie and Jody are working on their friendship so I cant see that leading to anything but trouble for Mary. I like Mary, but from the previwes it looks like Jody and Ronnie are still going to be out to get her. She needs to get a clue and get rid of Ronnie, but No, instead they sign a "friendship contract" ( did anyone else have Atlanta flashbacks with that scene, when Cynthia had Nene do the same thing ) and promise to have each others backs. Poor Mary, she needs to watch her back as Ronnie and Jody will have a knife in it before long.

So glad to have Vancouver back, looking forward to the rest of the season, from the preview it looks to be filled with drama, and I cant wait to see it unfold!
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