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Andi Durrant's show proves to be a huge hit with the weekend listeners and it's what the majority of teenagers (their target audience) are into right now.
I love Andi's show but due to its time slot, I don't get to listen to that much of it.
You're right that the music on Andi's show is exactly what its target demographic want to hear right now. Capital should recognise that Andi's show could be an even bigger ratings winner for them.
Capital wouldn't have the balls to do it but it would be great if they moved his show to 7pm on Friday and Saturday nights to compete with Mac/Tong on Radio 1 and take the listeners which R1 might lose on a Saturday night due to their RnB-focused shows.
I'd have Andi on from 7-10 with Pandora on at 10pm on Fridays and Will on at 10pm on Saturdays, bringing it in line with the time of his other shows on Sunday-Thursday. Obviously, James Barr would be preferable but Will and Pandora aren't capable of carrying Capital's weekend night shows IMO.
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