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No she married him, made a lot of money managing his career, then put herself, her husband and children on TV and put Kelly in the spot light.. And she has done worse than "wank off a pig"....
Indeed she has.

What could be worse than that? Seriously?

Not only did Sharon save Ozzy's career, she undoubtedly has saved him from himself. Whatever people think of Sharon, her and Ozzy are happy. The Osbournes are not the first and won't be the last family to gain fame from a reality show either.
How about sending poo in a decorated box to someone?

And you know that for certain do you?

Ozzy hasn't touched drugs or alcohol for the last 6/7 years, yet he still remains married to Sharon - kind of blows your theory out of the water doesn't it?
I don't believe that for one minute and anyone who does is gullible.
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