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This is so true. My husband was also a very high flying professional whose descent from 'heavy drinker' to 'non-functioning' fully fledged alcoholic was frightening and traumatic. Loving family, children, friends, a job he loved, none of it made an iota of difference. Thankfully eventually he turned a corner and hasn't touched a drop for a decade and I don't honestly believe he ever will again but he still needs a very strong supportive structure around him to continue managing it. An alcoholic will always be an alcoholic it is just a question of 'managing' it like a diabetic needs to do, Gazza will always need a high level of management if he does stay dry.
Absolutely. My husband would never have succeeded if the support system around him had not been strong. Gazza will need to change his life drastically if he is too succeed and get rid of those around him who constantly enable him. Years ago I could be just as dismissive as some here about the 'self inflicted' mess they get themselves into but I have a much clearer understanding of it now and more empathy towards those still caught up in it. It's a sad way to spend your one and only life.
I really appreciate your informed posts.
Good wishes to you and your family and you have made your point very well.
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