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Well it didn't exactly help when you started by saying you started the threads supposedly for a bit of balance, but never actually bothered saying why the BBC were (supposedly) in crisis. All you did was basically say "people say the other channels are in crisis, so the BBC must be too, I don't have anything to back it up but I'm saying it anyway".
i did other evidence and never suggested this board has anything to do with the bbc my argument was that if thers a thread for an itv crisis which there isnt really then there should be one for the definite but also very small one both of which are negilible basically, all of this type of threads should be locked as evidence and interpretation are very subjective and understanding, so if they are to continue which thye shouldnt be allowed to we must have one for each broadcaster as all are in crisis to some degree and this site must remain balnced not biased in anyway. the point of this board is to encourage well informed debate and all of these threads about crisis are very tedious.the message is simply new threads with new rules about to all ow balanced discussion or lock them all and change the rules so that type of thread are not allowed. this is a sensible choice.
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