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Maybe the mascara the daughter was going to wear wasn't Dior or Chanel but some cheap common brand that girls going to a common school would steal from the local branded chemist shop and mommy didn't approve?

I'm all for a short, sharp slap on the back of the legs when kiddies are little to shock them into realising they were bad/ wrong when all else has failed. (running into the road is a prime example).

I remember having a slap on my legs when I was about 5, I'd written my name on the newly decorated hall in crayon and wouldn't admit it. (even though my hands were COVERED in crayon). We were poor and so wouldn't have been able to afford a new pot of paint to paint over it for at least a couple of months so my mum slapped me. Once. And I was good as gold from that day forth because I was so upset that my mum was so upset and never wanted to see her like that again. (and I remember my mum crying at it all) but slapping your 14 yr old is just plain "I can't control her so I'll just slap her". Way to go mum.

Saying that though, when my brother was 18 he was standing behind my mum shouting abuse at her and poking her in the back. Unfortunately for him she was frying sausages at the time and he got whacked in the head with a frying pan containing said sausages for being an utter git.

Mind you the sausages weren't organic or sourced from the local butcher and the frying pan may of come from Kays Catalogue and wasn't handmade from a single piece of cast iron derived from Peru or somewhere exotic sounding.

So what do I know! I'm not posh enough me
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