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I signed up for BT last month, I went for Option 2 which was a 40gig capped tariff the same as my previous provider. Sadly because of this option I didn't get six months free BB, I could only get that if I went for the 10GB cap tariff.

Saw adverts for BT BB last week and eh? what? unlimted for what? I phoned BT and asked if it was possible to get unlimited even after a few weeks getting option 2. I was upgraded to unlimited and it's 2 cheaper than the old Option2.

It seems they had this new offer under wraps even when I placed my original order.

ANYWAY, for your information, I'm getting a 15MB connection which is good considering 17MB is the maximum I can get in my area. (I use three speed testers to get a better picture of my speed)
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