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Hey SassyGirl

I'm glad ur with me on Vancouver ~ it's surely the best franchise so far. Hilarous that Canadians are up in arms about this show, wanting it cancelled for depicting their country in a bad light. Well hey that's what reality TV is for at least it's not downtown Hastings & Main, Wastings & Pain and have they never watched Intervention Canada?

Yep a sore lack of alcohol in the first show but I have a feeling alcohol is going to feature large in the forthcoming season. In fact, if I were camera crew I'd be getting extra insurance for my life, health, and equipment. If I were Director I'd be leaving bottles of vodka and champagne lying around.

What the hell was Jhodie wearing? Some Georgian royal family outfit crossed with half a bridesmaid dress? Powdered wig anyone? She has remarkable similarity to RHONY Sonja with her fancy dress party girl attitude, vague motherhood status, vaguer financial status, and even more vague marital status. I half keep expecting her to pop a toaster oven out of her bag at any given moment!
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