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Vancouver is priceless..... prob the best of all the HoWives.

I'm just watching the opening show of Season 2 YAY!!

Season 1 benefits from the hopelessly repulsive narcissist Jhodie and her devil spawn daughter. The fake, sorry 'converted' Jewish pair who spout yiddish but ought to be excluded from any religion other than Capitalism. Second hand handbag huckster who doesn't know her vintage from 'used' from 'brand new' from 'approved Hermes retailer'. ho hum. As much as they should be banned from all religions plus ever gaining publicity via any medium, they're reality TV gold!

Then the seemingly inoffensive Mary the Singer who gets bashed by everyone for no particular reason. Mainly by Jhodie. What is it with her? I mean she seems quite normal and has a decent life but time after time the women focus on her with some bizarre hatred as if she's got some quality that repulses them. Oh wait.... she's normal and talented...

Ronnie the Lush clings to Mary like a limpet then makes all manner of unfounded accusations about her with a level of rage that should usually be reserved for a lover's betrayal. I wondered throughout season 1 if they in fact were lovers? Who knows.... But Ronnie commits the ultimate betrayal by friending the simply impossible to like Jhodie seemingly just to spite Mary.

All makes good watching. Who is Ronnie and how does she have that OUT OF THIS WORLD HOME???

Reiko Action Barbie is just a person who looks fabulous and lives fabulous. Christina, bland, dunno who she is. Anyone else is forgotten......

I think Vancouver is easily the best / worst display of wealthy biatches on TV
It's definitely my new favourite. Poor, poor Mary Jodi and Ronnie are both vile, vile women and as for Jodi's daughter Mia...... What a horrid little witch she is. The apple didn't fall far from that tree. I am already on episode 8 and can't wait to see the reunion and get started on Season 2.
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