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RHOBH Small Points of Interest About Kim's nosejob:

Kim, recently (clean and) sober, somewhat at a loose end, off the cuff decides to have a nose job for no particular reason. Logic fail # 1. She decides against long term trusted friend Paul to do 'the job' in case he screws it up and she'll be angry with him forever. Not that she has any doubts about Paul's skills whatsoever. Logic fail # 2. On the basis of nothing but apparent boredom, she decides to go ahead with the surgery on the same weekend the girls go to Vegas. For sure she has been invited to Vegas but cannot go because she has a nose job scheduled that weekend as she had nothing else to do. Logic fail # 3. One hour before surgery and AFTER her pre-op meds, Kim rings Kyle to discuss a 'personal matter' - Kyle explains she is in company so Kim decides to drop her nose-job bombshell privately in public on camera. Logic fail # 4.

Cut to Kim on a gurney pre-surgery. The surgeon meets with her to ask if she has any questions. Kim asks after his personal health, enquires if he had a 'beautiful weekend', and other bizarre and irrelevant to the pertinent situation queries. Logic fail # 5. After the surgeon leaves the room, she then asks the camera-person intense searching questions about the surgical procedure, what are the chances she will come around during the operation and what if the operation fails? Logic fail # 6. Needless to say, the camera does not answer her.


Jus saying.
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