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basically, all of this type of threads should be locked as evidence and interpretation are very subjective and understanding,

so if they are to continue which thye shouldnt be allowed to we must have one for each broadcaster as all are in crisis to some degree

and this site must remain balnced not biased in anyway. the point of this board is to encourage well informed debate and all of these threads about crisis are very tedious.

the message is simply new threads with new rules about to all ow balanced discussion or lock them all and change the rules so that type of thread are not allowed. this is a sensible choice.
No they shouldnt all be locked. Yours was locked because you kept posting indecipherable nonsense and the mods thought it was disrupting the forum.

There is nothing subjective about the graph I posted above, and no they are not "all in crisis".

The site is not biased, people are allowed to post their opinions. Most are based on reasoned thought and evidence. Yours havent been. All you seem to keep saying is that because there is a thread talking about an ITV ratings crisis, which there is solid evidence to suggest there is (even if IMO the terminology is a little strong), that there should be one about a "BBC ratings crisis", even though it doesnt exist.

Thats not balance, thats stupidity.

No its not a sensible choice to ban these types of thread and there is balanced discussion. Its just that you dont appear to understand the concept.

Do you realise you have just suggested censorship, contradicting your previous statements about freedom of speech

oh, so if you think these threads are tedious, it wont be a problem to you to do us all a favour and stop posting your confused nonsense in them.
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