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It very much reminded me of growing up on a large council estate in Newcastle in the 1940s/1950s - except they all had a lot more than we, and those around us, ever had.

Jamie - what on earth do women see in him? Do they lust after his charm, his good looks, his toned body, his intelligence? Whatever it is, he has it well hidden.

Chris - the first thing to be done to help him is to stop giving him the money for cigarettes and booze.And since neither appeared to work, where did the huge TV, computer and other gadgets come from?

Amber reminded me of Rosah from Coronation Street. Even back in the 50s, there were some beautiful girls around the estates. Alas, a look at their mothers told you how they'd turn out in 20 years time.

......... But maybe he's get to not work, get drunk maybe get 'some' and she got the child she always wanted... it would work out well for them both............
If you're talking about chris and nikki, I think you may have missed a bit .... nikki used to be nigel.

Its just a circle really, how can these people get out.
In my case, I got out by going to grammar school. Unfortunately, that route is, in general, no longer possible. Thanks to politicians, many of whom themselves escaped from council estates because of them.
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