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Ok so as everyone -who reads my posts- knows I am watching at my own pace.

I have got to Season 3 Ep 1.

The season 2 reunion (without ruining it for ITV2) was just...

...odd to say the least. It was disgusting how at first (esp. part 1) they went at Lisa for no reason as she was clearly hurt by all the jibes. Thank god for Brandi that's all I will say.

Adrienne throughout the whole thing was just strange. One minute they were all team Adrienne and next it was like, who is she? Even Andy ignored her and one of her jokes were completely passed upon and it was uncomfortable. After her practically disowning Taylor's child Kennedy on national TV I lost a lot of respect for her (lost & leaked footage on youtube) It was horrible to watch. Especially knowing the little girl will see that when she's older. Adrienne was a riot in the reunion and lost footage (finally Tally we agree a little on something lol! -All Love here- )

The first ep of season 3.

Yolande looks promising but from the comments will be disappointing until later on. Less Camille is disappointing as I feel the originals plus Brandi worked well. Kim looks great and I hope to god she keeps up the sobriety and I hope the show don't drop her for season 4 as I feel this keeps her occupied away from and alcohol and I love to watch her! Also I always wonder what Kyle would do if she was dropped? Would she fight for her? Leave herself? or not be bothered?

Also on a side note in the lost footage Kim said she is closer to Kathy & her husband Rick (Richard Hilton), can anyone shed any light on this relationship?

It was also evident in ep1 of season3 Kim is more comfortable around Kathy and I'm glad she has her there as there seems to be a natural bond and love between them. Also Kathy didn't seem to overjoyed about Kyle showing up, neither did Kim or her daughter.
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