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* I accept that listeners will not engage as much with Capital's output and are more likely to tune out during the ads. The key is whether they can convince advertisers that is not the case. I suspect they can. I suspect it will have to evolve into something else in the long term, and I suspect that's where Capital's heading with the signings of both JK & Joel, albeit in different timeslots. One big personality presenter - dare I say Chris Moyles or Scott MIlls? - for drivetime - and you'd see a big change in direction. Whether they'd suit the station? Not a clue.
Strict;ly speaking there is no way of knowing the impact of radio advertising, particularly when advertisers on the likes of Capital are all promoting themselves via other platforms.

I can tell you that radio sales managers' hearts sink when their reps do 'money off if you mention the station' type deals to get the business. The standard 'objection handle' when the client tells you a month later that only 3 people mentioned the station to get the discount is that radio is more of a blunt, subliminal awareness raising tool that you need to build on by other forms of promotion.

It is actually Heart which has taken on both JK and Joel, the latter for a local West midlands Saturday afternoon show. I heard a bit of JK on breakfast yesterday and it was very much a personality led show with comedy song parodies etc.

So Global are willing to tweak and try.

I wonder if the next stage for Capital might indeed be to go for a 'big name networked drive' show, rather as Smooth have done with Kid Jenson, with the other required 3 local hours tucked away before it in the afternoon.

Whether Mills or Moyles could (or would want to) adapt their acts to fit is another matter but something along those lines, yes.

I think the station needs a bit of 'talkability' which of itself raises advertiser interest. I rarely make comments like this these days so indulge me this one, as far as Scotland goes I just don't think either Des and Jenny on breakfast or Garry Spence on drive are cutting it. They all sound like they would rather be on Clyde or Real and taken with the network offering as debated above the whole thing needs a kick up the arse if Global are wanting to move the station and the network beyond its present position.
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