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I agree. He is a human being, if he can be helped to overcome his illness - and alcoholism is, I've witnessed my stepfather over the last 21 years descend further and further and he is now a shell of himself - then the help should be given. I'm personally not hopeful of a positive outcome but any human in that distressing position should be shown compassion.

I only wish my stepfather had the money - or had wealthy friends - to fund a residential programme where he had conselling and support, nothing has worked so far and that would be his last chance. He desperately doesn't want to be like this - he's currently in the bedroom after a week-long binge and it is a worry for me to have to leave my mother here when I go home in a couple of hours - but he doesn't have the strength or willpower to turn his life around. He's only 60 but doesn't have much of a life, and he was always a hard working, intelligent, very smart looking man. Now he's a shuffling wreck most of the time, in jamas and dressing gown, unshowered and unshaven and it's heartbreaking to see. Deep down, he is a good man and that person is still in there.
Well said. It's a bleak and horrible existence and no one actively chooses it. Some people manage to overcome it and go on to live fulfilled lives, but it's a lifelong challenge and there's no easy route to recovery, longterm or otherwise.
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