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There's an interesting interview posted a couple of months ago on Youtube I've just watched where Liz meets someone from Mumsnet at a Blogfest.
Interview here:

During the clip Liz says she has a nervous breakdown every time she presses the 'send' button to file her copy, but also adds she would NOT do it all again. Strangely enough, her Essex accents comes through, whereas on the This Morning interview she must have reined in the accent a lot.
So why does she continue to talk about her ex, her family, the RS etc despite being on record as saying she wouldn't do it all again?
Someone wrote in the comments section a couple of weeks ago (it was published but then withdrawn strangely enough) that any article written 'by Liz Jones' is written by her, but anything titled 'by Liz Jones Diary' or 'by Liz Jones Column' is written by someone else at the DM.

That explains inconsistencies week in week out, but also makes me wonder if Liz has sold her soul to the DM for a ghost writer to come up with utter tosh in her name just to 'draw the crowds' and get those all important clicks on the page?

Loving the spoof diary entries, just fabulous!!!
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