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Drinking is a recreational lifestyle choice.

Alcoholism is when that choice becomes a necessary evil: an addiction.

A chronic illness like multiple Sclerosis does not start out being a recreational choice!

An alcoholic is ill, both mentally and physically but they have to finish what they themselves started.

It seems Jimmy Greaves speaks the most sense on this. Gazza should not be canonised. We have seen his talent but by what definition is he 'a good man' as a few have said on this forum?
If people remember what he did to his ex, he's really quite far from being a 'good man'.

As the Greaves piece says, for Gazza, playing soccer was all about being an 'entertainer' and getting attention. He's a totally different type of alcoholic from George Best, who despite his addiction was a very intelligent man, but he beat his wife as well. Intelligent, but not 'good'.
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