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Ahhh the PC brigade ride into town.
Ahh the failing to notice relevance brigade rolls into town.

Some times it's just a way to describe people, not meant in an offensive way at all. I spent ages the other day trying to tell someone who was still in the building I had just finished cleaning - if I had just said the black lady everyone would have known who she was, but there I was trying to describe heigh,t weight, clothing, where she usually works, chair she sits in anything but say the one thing that would have identified her quickly.

If I am at work I am often described as white lady or only non pakistani. Does that upset me ? No.
Strangely, I'm not upset by them calling you the white lady or non Pakistani lady either

I just have to laugh.....
The OP was just introducing herself and laying out her stall. She didn't talk about her workmates in a derogatory way. Yet one of the PC brigade has to jump on board crying "foul".
Beggars belief sometimes and I can fully understand why the other poster said "I could almost guarantee this comment would come".
I've not called foul, I merely asked for relevance which was answered by the OP and I was satisfied with. I have to laugh at the responses from people who have their own issues with me asking and projecting them onto the thread.

For the record, can you explain how the question I asked relates to the PC brigade and also explain what the PC brigade is?

If she had you'd probably have an issue with that too. I stand by my original comment, so what if she mentioned she was non-Indian?
There's a difference between issue and relevance. If she had said she worked in a restaurant and was having problems with a co worker, would anyone ask about the type of food sold there or the nationalities of anyone?

You can stand by your statement as long as you want but their nationalities matter not with the problem she's posting about
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