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@dcdmfan clearly you have never been on the website free to try, 600+ new shows a day and 10. For the record i am not seeking your approval, they are my site rules, they are fair. If people are not happy they simply steer clear. As for standard US practice, welcome to the World Wide Web! I run a wonderful service that takes a tonne of work and money to run, many people are just delighted to pay 33 pence a day!

Remember why I am here, people wanting to watch a show i provide and pay to bring, without paying me.
For the record, I found the link on a forum talking about the show. I clicked on the link and it played for me - no problem. I didn't even realize that this was a paid site until I went to my PC and tried to watch it there later. I still don't understand how ITV says that they don't have the international rights to allow anyone outside the UK to watch their vids and other pay sites do. It seems that if the pay sites are legally providing the service that they would have to pay a HUGE amount of money for each show that they stream. That hardly seems feasible or affordable even with the fees that are collected.
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