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Today's MoS column reads like the ramblings of someone who doesn't realise anyone's listening! Don't they have editors to read through copy and say "Umm, this really doesn't make any sense, and even if it did, it's not appropriate to use a column for personal grievance-airing and general ranting about everyone you've ever fallen out with!" The paragraph about her sister(s) is breathtakingly weird and bitter:

Itís a sometimes difficult way to live your life devoid of real human contact or commitment, but it avoids those crashing moments of revelation when the blood in your veins turns to ice Ė like the time when youíre on the phone to your lawyer, the lovely lady who handled your divorce, and she tells you, after trying to resolve a quarrel between you and your sister that ended in you giving her a house: ĎDonít trust your other sister, either. When I was on the phone negotiating, I could hear her talking in the background, betraying you.í

Can you believe this? It's staggering to think that (a) she wrote this for her column and (b) it was passed by her editor as suitable for publication. The preceding bit, outlining her various earnings over several years, is really odd, too, as is her cast-iron certainty that HER distorted and twisted experience of family relationships is entirely typical. (Families are toxic, apparently. All of them.)

Are we all supposed to nod sympathetically in recognition of this situation, perhaps ruefully remembering the time when we, too, bought our sister a house and then engaged in a bizarre conversation with a lovely lawyer who warned us that she'd overheard our other sister in the background, betraying us? Who could fail to identify with such a scenario? We've all been there, after all...

ETA: The Diary is equally weird. All that stuff about her ex husband and the journalist wanting to spend a year with her....What???? And I do wish she'd look up the phrase "passive-aggressive" and find out what it actually means. Or more importantly, what it doesn't mean.
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