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I was lucky enough to be in the audience last week, and it was v much like how it is described in the linked thread above..

It's really interesting to see how the show is put together - stuff like the way the camera guys who do the overhead shots climb up a sort of rope ladder thing and then are up there for the whole show..

In the adverts, various skaters will come on and limber up.. sometimes doing bits of their routine, or just generally stretching, etc. Jayne and Chris are amazing in the sense that close up you can really see their musicality - they stand out, even among the much younger professionals.

It looks as though Gareth/Matt/Shayne/Luke have (or had, with Shayne's exit) a real matey vibe going on.. in the warm ups they were often skating together and larking around and they seem to get on well off-camera. Keith looked as if he was struggling with his injury and after a bit of a warm-up would sit down at the side.

In terms of the routines, they all look a lot more impressive in real life than on telly. Apart from Joe and Samia, who were clearly really struggling (especially Joe, Vicky had to haul him up at one point)

In the break they give you a doughnut - I queued up for mine with Linda Lusardi (who did a previous series of Dancing on Ice) - she was there with her husband and looked really good fun. When the warm-up guy was on, he found out she had some mini sausage rolls with her, took them from her and started distributing them among the audience.

After the break, everyone was really shocked about the Shayne/Matt skate off - it had been assumed it would be Joe/Samia. At the end when people were leaving Luke and Keith were at the edge of the rink chatting to family/friends and also to fans as well.

Was a really fab experience!!
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