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I've read about her 'bullying' in interviews and in some she says she was bullied for being ugly and in others it's because some 'popular' boy asked her out but she turned him down so he bullied her. So which is it? It can't be both because he wouldn't have asked her out if she was 'ugly'.

She also claimed to have worn transparent trousers (which her mum made) to school when she was 15. If she had such low confidence and was bullied that badly, why would she draw attention to herself in such a way?

She doesn't care about bullying at all, it's all me, me, me. Her glamour career failed, as did the search for a husband, the lesbianism, tattooing, body building... So now she's trying to cash in on bullying (again), something which she thinks makes her look kind and selfless, but is still all about her. But even for a good cause no chat show host would touch her with a barge pole so she has to take to begging them on Twitter, then slag them off when they refuse.
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