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You are talking about pre settlement guest workers technically speaking. That is different to post settlement migrants, with low paid jobs and huge families. As for tax's, if migrants are in low paid jobs they will not pay much, if any and it has been revealed that many send most of their money home to another country.

I agree their are good migrants, bad migrants and neutral migrants and the migrants should not all be classed as the same. In fact the good probably pay for the bad, which explained the Lords committee's report, that says each of us is better off to the price of a Mars bar each year thanks to immigration.

The answer of course is to just admit the good migrants therefore lowering the numbers and making us all richer. The British people have not made the connection between the EU single market and mass immigration. Even if we switch to the EEA from the EU, we still have the single market and the free movement of people. Perhaps that should change to the free movement of people providing they meet each individual country's skills requirements and quotas.
I've been anti PC all my life, but I'm thinking of bunging them a few bob to mount a campaign to outlaw the word "migrant". And that's from someone who's rarely, if ever, offended by anything.
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