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I'd say the role of a columnist is to comment, not write constant whinges about themselves, family, friends, exes, fictional rock star b/f's turns into a selfish me,me,me fest. If she wants friends and family to contact her, she should stop writing negative things about them, then she might actually get paid a visit. She needs to stop the sideswipes at people like Kirstie Allsopp - again, jealousy creeping in there, and perhaps take some notice and learn from these courses of therapy the Wail seem to send her on every few months.

Also as we know, Liz hates (is jealous of) anyone who's had children or had any connection whatsoever with a man, even if they've just brushed up against one another on the Tube. She'd give her right arm to be a 50's housewife with a porridgy tummy and some ferals crawling round her ankles.

She's not 'funny' either - only funny in the peculiar sense.
Fair play. But I have to laugh here. You profess to really not liking Ms Jones but here you are on a Sunday night reading and commentating about her. And that is why she is worth so much money.
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