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If she paid any income tax? Doesn't Nick Clegg want people who earn under 10,000 to not pay any. The problem is after five years she will get settlement and then bring her children to Britain to be educated for 5000 per child, per year, while still probably earning the NMW. What is that 400 a year tax? So if she has two kids we are 10,000 - 400 a year worse off as a nation, without even counting child benefit, NHS etc.

The trouble is people like the IPPR always talk about pre settlement migrants and once they get settlement or citizenship, that say that they are citizens and taxpayers and not migrants anymore. So it is hardly surprising migrants look so good.

They also forget to mention the Danish study, which found that western workers boosted Denmark's economy and migrants from developing countries were a drain on it. Denmark changed the immigration rules and saved billions. Of course that is not very political correct thinking in left wing terms.
And the benefit (to The World) of the children in the poor country actually getting an education from the money sent home??

Let's imagine a situation where the Uk's Greek style debt leads to a Greek style situation - but much worse. This leads to serious poverty. Thouands of women leave the uk to work in countries who have stronger Economies - some of them cross the world to do this. They send money back to the uk for their children and live very basic lives.
In 10 years time ITV would be hosting an awards show to honour the sacrifices that these women had made. And the biggest sacrifice of all would be that they had been apart from their loved ones for 10 years. This feeling would be shared by the whole country.

Except for you.

You would be writing to the times saying; "Yes...But........ Didn't those countries lose a few dollars of VAT revenue?"

(resisted temptation to use roll eyes smilie)
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