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And the benefit (to The World) of the children in the poor country actually getting an education from the money sent home??

Let's imagine a situation where the Uk's Greek style debt leads to a Greek style situation - but much worse. This leads to serious poverty. Thouands of women leave the uk to work in countries who have stronger Economies - some of them cross the world to do this. They send money back to the uk for their children and live very basic lives.
In 10 years time ITV would be hosting an awards show to honour the sacrifices that these women had made. And the biggest sacrifice of all would be that they had been apart from their loved ones for 10 years. This feeling would be shared by the whole country.

Except for you.

You would be writing to the times saying; "Yes...But........ Didn't those countries lose a few dollars of VAT revenue?"

(resisted temptation to use roll eyes smilie)
1. I never watch ITV1 now.

2. Guest Workers are sometimes necessary, but that should not lead to settlement or citizenship. Perhaps as well as limited to five years, the work route could also be tied to a specific job, maybe in the NHS. After 25 years work citizenship could be earned.

3. Aren't you making the pro mass immigration lobby's argument that immigrants both benefit this country economically and they don't, because they send the money home, but that's OK because we would do the same in their position?

4. As for education isn't that due to the mismanagement of the country concerned, corruption etc.?
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