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hello DS!
and hello timetosaygoodby! I have been reading this forum for a few months but I decided to make an account a few weeks ago with the urge to reply to some of your posts in many of your threads. I have no idea how I managed to restrain myself untill now!
i can't blame you or argue with you on the matter of free movement to UK becouse i don't live in UK, I don't know your struggles so it's not my place so say. But i have to tell you, the way you phrase your views is disappointing, at least.

your generalizations are really irritating now!

quick question: I'm Romanian, I live in Romania (don't worry i won't be comeing over; I have a good life here ) and i'm pretty sure I speak your language a hell of a lot better than you speak mine. If I am uneducated, what are you?

In 2014 Uk's borders will be open for Romanians and Bulgarians, not Roma only! (3.2% of Romania's population)

get off your high horse! every forest has its bad trees: should I follow your example and conclude that Uk is populated by 63 mil. racists???

I have to say, a few years ago when emigrating came to mind, I never thought of benefits, I just wished for a job. These threads have been really informative for me. On that note: lately, i've been purchasing a few goods from Amazon Uk therefore paid VAT to your country; is there anyway I can benefit from that? If you can help me with this @ timetosaygoodby it will be verry much appreciated. Thank you! Thank you so much!

Have a good Sunday everyone!
What a great post. It would seem that timetosaygoodby has, indeed, said goodbye.

Welcome floridetei, you may wish to stay and correct a number of the ignorant stereotypes that are described by the ignorants on here.
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