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No. I am saying that your argument about the amount of money being sent home out of their minimum wage riches (after living expenses) is utterly trivial.
I am trying to work out how far into space I would have to send you before you were able to see the bigger picture.

(too quick for point 4)
Yes but the bigger picture for mass immigration, or open border proponents, always seems to be about the migrants and what's good for them, rather than what's good for the UK, financially, culturally and integration wise.

Maybe I do see the bigger picture, its just a very different one to you. The middle class liberals in the Migrants Rights Network for example, all want a world without borders. The trouble is it would reduce Britain to the same level as other countries and destroy the way of life that allows these people the time to worry about what's best for others, over what's best for the UK.

If migrants send money home to help their relatives fine, but lets not at the same time pretend that they are spending it here and boosting our economy.
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