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Although BritTV probably found us as cc.cookie suggested, by Googling on their name, it led me to wonder how often our posts are read by people who never, or almost never, post.

This Part now has 3530 "replies" and there have been about 186000 views of those replies, or entries. That works out to, on average, about 52 views per entry.

Considering that there are about 8-10 of us posting pretty regularly and another 5-10 posting occasionally, it seems to me like the ratio of "listeners" to posters is probably about 2 to 1.

Does that seem right? there must be some factor(s) that I am overlooking, as that seems to be a fairly large ratio..

(If you click on the name of a post-er, you get a box that asks if you want to see other posts by that person. When you click on that option, these numbers are on the right side of each entry or reply.)

Perhaps some of our silent listeners will chime in occasionally. Fresh points of view always welcome!
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