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erm. no. the thread was about thoughts on the iPad mini that then, as usual, became an Apple/Android argument.

Did I say it was a deal-breaker ? I really dont think I did.
The ability to change default apps is a luxury on Android but maybe more important on Apple with their fun maps app
And as for the 'only need one store' ... silly. maybe some people want choice. you dont ? fine.

Anyway feel free to continue that aspect of the thread kidspud. I think we already know you and I have different opinions on many things so i will refrain from biting
Ok, I'm not asking you to bite

I use both android and iOS (I assume you don't?) I do not feel tied into or down by either of the environments.

The only app I've ever had to change was the messaging app on the phone and even then I couldn't actually change it to the default, it just sits running along side the stock app, although I believe this has changed in JB.

I am truly interested by what multiple stores give you (I've only used the play store). Are there apps which are exclusive to a single store? If so, that sounds the very opposite of choice
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