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- Heinz tomato sauce.
- Branston Baked Beans (Heinz Beans are too watery/bland for me).
- Blue Ribband Wafer Bars (Tried sainsburrys own wafer bars once, and was not the same).
- McCain Oven Chips, preferably Crinkle ones.
- Pepsi, I like Pepsi Max and their Cherry Cola.
- I have a obsession with anything Birds Eye, Chicken Nuggets/Fish Fingers/Waffles, they do the nicest stuff.
- Muller Yogurts.
- Seabrook Crisps, I do not like any other brand of Crisps, If I can't have Seabrook I go without.
- Bread I'm not hugely fussed about, but I really like Kingsmill 50/50 bread, Medium, Perfect for sandwiches, but I will say, for own brand makes, Asda does the BEST Scotch bread buns.
- Flora Buttery, once tried a different spreadable, think it was a Asda own make, and I chucked the sandwich out, made it taste weird.
- Pizza wise, has to be Sainsburrys own make, used to be Tesco until they made their Pizzas inedible with their "Not so Improved Base".
- For Tea, It has to be Ringtons, we get it delieved to our door each fortnight, more expensive, but makes a lovely cuppa.

Can't think of anything else now..

Oh and for my Rabbit, He has WAGG stuff, none of the cheapo stuff, If I can have the best, my Rabbit does aswell.
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