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A nice picture of Pasha and Dani, I have to say. However, I'm kind of convinced that neither of them will remain in contact as friends now the tour is over. For me, Dani and Pasha were a tour partnership and thats the begining and end of it; Dani will go her way and Pash will go his way but I very much doubt their paths will cross again.

However, I have high hopes of seeing Kim and Pash again in some sort of dance capacity. Both Pash and Kim have tweeted that they miss each other and suggests far more than just a dance partnership on an TV programme. OK, so most of us love to ship and wish the two of them were an item but it ain't happening so I'll have to get over it already, but at least they have, what I describe to be a caring, fun and loving friendship (you can love your friends).
BIB...I feel the same as well...more because they are poles apart in personalities... But it was a lovely partnership while it lasted... But Pasherley are a lot similar in temperament and their time was more of a journey and a discovery together.... and I believe as you have said that theirs is a loving friendship...
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