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Shop Girl, I found the episode I missed on-line, at a PBS site( I think it was PBS Oregon). I also don't want to miss the one-hour Office. Isn't it the finale? Pam and Jim aren't nearly as compelling as Martin and Louisa, but still....
Thanks New Park, I'll check it out. I have been a huge The Office fan since the beginning and love Pam and Jim as much as Martin and Louisa. I think because there are so many episodes out there that we don't break their relationship down as much as we do with Martin and Louisa.

This isn't the finale yet, that will be in May. There is a fan site out there for the show that I think is one of the best fan sites I have ever seen. And it is all run by one woman. She has, over the years, developed a relationship with the people who run the show and has had several set visits where she was able to bring back pictures and tidbits about how the show is put together. Anyone who is a fan and wants to check it out:
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