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THAT is a Dev phone. It is the BB10 Dev Alpha A It's very basic. Has most of the phone features locked out. but has very good spec so does enough for developers to be able to use them during app creation. They were never sold to the public, only a BB dev could get one. This is a classic example of developer hardware.

The Nexus 4 is available in Google's play store which every Tom Dick and Harry can access and buy from. Nowhere is it aimed at Devs, but is sold to the mass consumer on a site on which you erm....consume content. See a pattern developing here? It;s quite a clear distinction, using the BB example and the Nexus 4 that one is available to Devs exclusively, the other is a mass produced consumer focused smart phone sold to Joe Public for a very reasonable price.

End of Argument
We have dev phones/tablets in our building that people on this forum couldn't even find on the internet!!!!!!!!
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