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It was embarrassing
It was weird. i got the impression that the move had been taken out in training because of his wrist. So how does Jason know its in there to assume it is still? If it had vanished between rehearsal and show you would imagine Jason was commenting on the rehearsal and then just repeating what he saw - oblivious to the fact that it wasn't there second time around .If he hasn't seen it before, how does he know it was in, and if he has seen it how can he not notice its not there in the live show skate - unless he's not watching at all. The only other explanations are that he has a list of moves and that he missed it, or doesn't actually know which move is which, or that he mispoke and meant to say something about the effect of removing the move from the routine and spoke gibberish - but gibberish isn't that useful either.

Anyone understand what was going on??
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