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there is a crisis not maybe in overall terms like there isnt with itv but in specific programmes like animal antics which has vanished without trace :- cant ge ti og to blue sorry so cut and paste into browser please do the same with ... how bad the ratings are for this show were and these are 2 of many so i do have a point so why does nobody see it and allow my threads to stand on their own we live in a country with free speech and my free speech is being restricted in thisd way - i have a point but the board is unfairly treating me unlike people such a samuel w whose itv diatripe is allowed to continue unchecked please shwo balnce and dont be so qucik to lock threads please thanks, cheers.
With all due respect, could you break this down into sentences as it is not only hard to read but also hard to determine the point you are making.

From my point of view, there is no crisis on either BBC or ITV but The Royal Bodyguard really did not float my boat. I am looking forward however to the Penguin series starting tomorrow night on BBC1 - I like the noise they make. PSB at its best surely?
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