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Fair play. But I have to laugh here. You profess to really not liking Ms Jones but here you are on a Sunday night reading and commentating about her. And that is why she is worth so much money.
Nobody says I, or anyone else has to LIKE her to read her columns. You can still dislike her to read and comment about her.

This is the usual defence of Liz Lovers. ''If yer don't like it, don't read it''. Speaking of her being worth 'so much money' she's not worth that much anyway, that's why she moved from Somerset because she was BROKE and is now living in Yorkshire in a rented house.

Perhaps if she sold or homed some of the animals she professes to 'love' she'd have more cash. I don't think she loves her animals that much, otherwise she wouldn't keep them alive when they're on their last legs like she did last year with Squeaky the cat, and from last week's episode she'd notice when her horse 'suddenly' started getting thin, only to discover it might have liver failure.

Funny how she's forgotten about that in this week's Dreary isn't it?
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