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Hello all. Stepping in from the shadows...I posted some during Series 5 but have been mostly a lurker due to time constraints and nothing really interesting to contribute....

But, may I ask BritTV as I saw your post last night and it raised my hackles, why when I click on your name, are you listed as a 16-year-old male? Are you a serious representation of said company and...just having a laugh?
Hi lost-the-plot! Great screen name!

I, too, have questions and concerns regarding BritTV's response. An Internet presence of a professional business, like any business, puts its best foot forward, even down to how you spell, properly capitalize, and compose a professional message. I see some serious lack and it makes me think that a 16 year old UK male (maybe a cover) may be a bit of a hacker or slacker or pirate, rather than a legitimate enterprise.

Research time again. Computer-speak time. Sorry, if you don't understand all the terms but here's what I found. I used my domain name knowledge ( to look up the registry data for the domain name and found a person's name and an address:
25 St. Mary's Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RE, United Kingdom

I looked up the address and Google lists it as West London YMCA and a restaurant.

I also found some information re: a site's value at that gives some more info regarding several factors about the site.

While I want to have more access to British TV to some degree, I have some real suspicions as to the integrity of this site. I'll leave it there.
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