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Biff and I rewatched "Uneasy Lies the Head" tonight, S4E2.

We believe that it's pretty obvious LG started off the whole problem we see throughout S4:

1. We know she came back unexpectedly, pregnant, and just surprised DM. DM handled it as well as any man would. His comment about the abortion was not actually him asking her if she would do it for him, but just mentioning that if she had wanted to--as they weren't a couple--it was too late. Typical medical DM. But LG immediately took offense. One wonders what the heck she was expecting from him showing up like!
2. Their problematic conversation in the school was sad. DM attempted to open things up, but neither he nor LG can hold a conversation without getting off tangent into unhealthy emotional issues. But, DM had gone there to school, after talking with AJ; he was trying.
3. I think the biggest implication for LG starting off as the main player of their problems is when AJ is taking her to the hospital and DM offers to do so and she simply shuts him down. From that moment on, DM has every right to believe she honestly does not want him in her life, at all, or in the life of their baby.
4. We also see how much he cares for her when he yells at the headmaster on the beach after the headmaster pushes LG. He keeps checking on her over and over before he runs after Mr. Strain. LG meanwhile, at the school, can't even openly and sincerely thank him for his help. Yet, then we are supposed to have some sympathy for her as she watches him conversing with Edith.

After that episode, I don't have much sympathy at all, I have to say.
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