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Love it!

Is being a golddigger hard work? I may need to know one day. You never know.
Golddigging Taylor / Shana / woteva the fk her name is style is potentially hard work. The potential bit is you can end up serving time... or even worse... having to do sex with a bloke who repulses you but is really rich. If u go for the former u wana make it a real big crime so u still have some pennies and youth left after serving the time. If u go for the latter u may wana do an Anna Nicole Smith and pick a geriatric n pray he's changed his will -or- do a Ho'Wives and stay married for 10 years to guarantee 50% alimony (only applies in the USA) -or- pray the bloke tops himself, is murdered, has a lethal drug addiction, or hire a hitman.

It depends on how u see 'work' really....
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