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The only logic I could bring in is that a lot of people into that type of music are no longer able to go out - ie if they've got kids - but are still into that sound. In which case it seems to make sense.
.......or people who can't afford to go out.....or who are getting tanked up in the house befire clubbing at midnight......or just come back to the house after the pub with their mates and a carry out.......

Radio stations have been tying themselves in knots over this since dance music as we know it today started.

I recall Clyde 1 20 years ago deciding to ditch the Sat 10 pm dance type show that followed Bowie and having the esteemed Ross Macfadyen on doing a 'regular' show which included a feature called the 'fabby old song', based on listener suggestions, and pretty much always featuring something from the early 80s or so.

To me this debate is a bit like whether or not do something else other than the Top 40 on a late Sunday afterrnoon. Academically interesting but of no wider consequence to the overall performance of the stations in question.
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