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SO many thanks to all of you for everything! Pictures, comments, links, and the like.

However, I am sad for us Americans as I guess this tour extension into June means no All-star on SYTYCD. Maybe we'll never see him as an all-star here again And you have to admit: he is more likely to be partially clothed on SYTYCD than on SCD.

Have a lovely time for those of you who get to see the tour! Maybe there can be reports from here.
Have to agree with you, I think SYTYCD starts in July, so he apparently isn't going to be a part of the rehearsals or the Allstars. He may come in later in the show tho to do choreography or he can dance with some of the finalist.
You never know he may end up on one of the dance shows on cable- Ovation or Oxyogen, something like that.
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