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I've a "friend", who I've mentioned on here before, whos obsessed with the Holocaust after visiting Auschwitz.

Every status is a real "Holier than Thou" attack on ANYBODY who makes a flippant comment about their life. Don't you dare say you're "starving", because you can guarantee she'll post a thinly veiled status about you saying "Some people need to visit Auschwitz to understand real suffering".

Totally mental.
Wasn't a friend of mine but on a friend's status:

My friend said she found an exam extremely difficult and now wanted to relax (I think she's in 3rd year at Uni). Fair enough I'm sure most of us would all say.
No this girl then starts ranting about how we shouldn't be complaining about any education we receive (deemed it as a first world problem) as kids in Africa don't get any and most don't survive to University level.

I managed to restrain myself from counter ranting. Friend just said that our 'first world problems' are just as valid to complain about as we're experiencing them.
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