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I've heard about this story in passing through the news - very sad I haven't read too much about it, though I note in your post above it seems to say that she didn't want the case to go to court originally. I presume another victim came forward and agreed to take him to court? I imagine she felt alot of pressure to be a corroborating witness or whatever the correct legal term is.
I can't find the full details online but Francis Andrade had told a friend who also knew Brewer. The friend was concerned Brewer still had connections with teaching youths she informed the police of the allegations.

The jury had been told that Andrade had not initiated the police investigation which led to the trial. It was the mother of one of her violin pupils who raised the alarm in 2011, the court heard.

Andrade told the jury she had been furious at the woman's intervention but agreed to give evidence against Brewer.
Ms Andrade had been adopted, she said from the age of age 8 an uncle had sexually abused her which continued to her wedding day in 1988.

....when she claimed the uncle squeezed her breast and whispered: "Remember I was there first."
Francis Andrade told the court that in 2002 she reported to the police inappropriare sexual behaviour by another tutor at the establishment. At the same time she contacted Brewer suggesting he had himself to the police.
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